Painting Oak Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Painting oak cabinets – Cabinets can be used and abused from time to time. Many people are interested in their cabinets refinishing instead of paying for expensive replacement work. Refinishing can also be expensive, so sometimes homeowners choose to paint their cabinets instead. This is the cheapest option when you need to update your closet.

Cat is a good option if you want to cover up inconsistencies or defects in the wood. Paint can be used to create a uniform finish on painting oak cabinets imperfect. You can use oil-based paints for smoother, but longer drying time and can be more difficult to clean. Latex paints are great for closets, will be able to give good results, cleans easily, and it will be easier to work with It’s really up to you to decide which one you like.

Some professionals prefer to oil paint used for painting oak cabinets, but others are also rarely using it anymore. If you choose latex paint, therefore do not forget to check to see that it is made with acrylic. Some latex paints are made with vinyl and acrylic. You need to know that was not attached properly and not as durable as a 100% acrylic latex paint. Therefore it is not the right choice

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